~List Of Best Times & Scores~

Ch - Challenge (Complete Challenge No.# to Unlock) (R) - Reverse

Circuit Races & Lap Knockout RacesBest TimeCh
Olympic Square0:47.660
Inner City0:50.160
National Rail0:50.7730
Market Street1:11.6019
Port Royal0:47.6290
Olympic Square (R)0:47.605
Atlantica (R)0:46.6714
Inner City (R)0:49.5516
Stadium (R)0:59.8459
National Rail (R)0:51.3645
Market Street (R)1:18.3884
Terminal (R)0:53.9586
Port Royal (R)0:48.7791

Drag RacesBest TimeCh
14th and Vine Const.0:24.0420
14th and Vine0:24.910
Highway 10:25.2311
Main Street0:26.6820
Main Street Const.0:23.9570
14th and Vine Const. (R)0:25.049
14th and Vine (R)0:26.164
Highway 1 (R)0:25.53107
Main Street (R)0:26.8055
Main Street Const. (R)0:25.9080
Commercial (R)0:27.1597

Drift RacesBest ScoreChLaps
Drift Track 110058734
Drift Track 217790904
Drift Track 3152121254
Drift Track 4186519284
Drift Track 5218438384
Drift Track 6236090654
Drift Track 7190709894
Drift Track 81691771044

Sprint RacesBest TimeChDistance
Liberty Gardens1:09.8802.7 Miles
Broadway1:49.88124.0 Miles
Lock Up2:04.75234.7 Miles
Bedard Bridge2:00.05274.4 Miles
1st Ave. Truck Stop1:40.20783.8 Miles
7th and Sparling1:57.20934.1 Miles
9th and Frey1:58.24264.7 Miles
Spillway2:16.50745.0 Miles
Liberty Gardens (R)1:11.5072.7 Miles
Broadway (R)1:46.29224.0 Miles
Lock Up (R)2:06.48434.7 Miles
Bedard Bridge (R)2:06.13574.4 Miles
1st Ave. Truck Stop (R)1:36.42943.8 Miles
7th and Sparling (R)1:54.591094.1 Miles
9th and Frey (R)2:05.37344.7 Miles
Spillway (R)2:33.57775.0 Miles