~"Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3: Wanderers List"~

"License Plate Trick"

Some of the Wanderers require you to use specific License Plates before they show up.
1) Go to "Change Car" on the Main Menu:
2) Go to "Garage" or "Sub Garage", depending on where your Car is stored:
3) Choose the Car you want and press the "Circle" button on your controller:
4) Before you choose your Car, press "Square" button on your controller. This'll bring up the License Plate Screen:
5) Make your License Plate changes and confirm this.

Another important note on changing the License Plate's City and Character is the location of the City and Character on the License Plate screen. For the Japanese Cities, there are a total of 18 rows and 5 columns. So for example, if you want to seek out Wanderer #275, you'll need to have a License Plate with City R12-C2, meaning you have to go to Row 12 and Column 2 to select the right City.

The other one is the character after you have chosen the City and the 2 to 3 numbers of that City. It should be a single Japanese Character to choose from the Table. Like the Cities, they are divided into rows and columns, but there are only 6 rows and 5 columns. For Wanderer #119 (that should be the only Wanderer requiring a specific Japanese Character for the License Plate), you use R6-C4 to make your License Plate glow in Fluorescent Green.

If you can't get the Wanderers to Battle with You because you haven't met their Requirements, here is a Trick you can use to make them battle you:
1: Get close behind them.
2: Open your PS2, then flash your High Beam Lights (R2 Button) at him and wait a few seconds.
3: Now close your PS2 and the Battle will begin...

"The Wanderers Of Tokyo Xtreme 3"

# Name Requirements Location
.Tokyo "Shutokou Wanderers" 50 Of Them
260Ricochan Appears on Even Number Days (Days 2,4,6...etc.) C1 Inner Loop
261The Divine Wind Appears during Bad Weather Days C1 Inner Loop
262White Tiger Appears on Fridays only C1 Inner Loop
263Immortal Clown Appears after coming out from Pit Area C1 Inner Loop
264Sorrow SIX STAR Use Subaru Cars C1 Inner Loop
265Straying Idol Freak Use Toyota MR-S C1 Inner Loop
266Bloody Mary Use a Toyota MR-S Car, Appears on Wednesdays after defeating #265 (You can battle #266 with other Cars as well) C1 Inner Loop
267Illusion B Appears when you achieve a 10-Win Combo C1 Outer Loop
268Caffeine X3 Appears when the number of days has a 3 as a last number (Days 3,13,23,133...etc) C1 Outer Loop
269Paul Suzuki Appears when the number of days is a multiple of 5 C1 Outer Loop
270Funabashi Hooligan When you have entered All Pit Areas in Shutokou (including all the Upper and Lower Sections, you don't need to complete this in a Single Day, but you can't miss out a single one) C1 Outer Loop
271Rolling Master Apply the "Rolling Guy" sticker on any part of the Car Body C1 Outer Loop
272The Death Driver Drive around the Kasumi Gaseki Section when the Internal Clock of your PS2 is 02:00 AM (Set the Clock of your PS2 to the Japan Time Zone for this Game).
(Note: Here's what you can do to reach that section easily: On Shutokou map, press "Up" on your controller once, and choose the 2nd option to choose the C1 Outer Section and begin the Battle).
C1 Outer Loop
273Shutokou Leader Go to Time Attack Mode and Race the Outer C1 Section within 04'05" (that is the time set by MCS, and make sure your overall time is less than 04'05"), Then return to Challenge Mode C1 Outer Loop
274Mosquito Lemon Appears when you have 2 or more Cars in your Garage Shinkanjo CCL
275Wild Child Use the "Na Ne Wa" (R12-C2) License Plate on your Car Shinkanjo CCL
276Crossroad Queen Use License Plates from Cities R6-C3, R6-C2, R6-C1, or R6-C4 on your Car, and the Odometer should be at least 300 miles Shinkanjo CCL
277Yellow Desperado Use a newly bought Car Shinkanjo CCL
Gold License Will battle after you make a Right Signal (i.e. push Right on the Right Analog Stick). You might need to come out from a Pit Stop, signal Right, & flash the high beams before #278 will battle you Shinkanjo CCL
279Master PositionUse any Non-Japanese Car when the internal clock of your PS2 is between 09:00 PM to 11:00. Also, don't use any Non-Japanese "Custom" or "Special" Cars Shinkanjo CCL
280Glamerous Mami Use Cars that have been modified inside the "Dress Up" Menu (this can include any Color Change or Stickers) Shinkanjo CWL
281Rasberry Kiss Appears every 30 days after battling in Shutokou Area Shinkanjo CWL
282Karou Appears on Tuesdays and Fridays only, have less than 200 miles on your Car Shinkanjo CWL
283Cutie Hip Appears when you're not using a Spoiler on your Car Shinkanjo CWL
284Drift Samurai Use "A.P.S." or "Da Ra Ma Ra Su Ma Mi" Stickers on your Car (preferrably the "A.P.S." Sticker) Shinkanjo CWL
285Silver Wolf Your total number of Wins is 500 or higher Shinkanjo CWL
286VIP Style Use Custom Alloy Wheels on VIP-type Cars (Note: VIP-type Cars are the following:
JZS161 [Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition], E124 [Mercedes Benz 500E], GH230 [Mercedes Benz SL500], HY34 [Nissan Cedric 300VIP], and HY33 [Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo Ultima])
Wangan In
287Dirty HATO Use a 1980's Car Wangan In
288Past 12 o'clock Cinderella Drive an American Car when your PS2 Internal Clock is after Midnight Wangan In
289Golden Wolf Use a German Car (Porsche/Gemballa, Mercedes-Benz) Wangan In
290Mark Of Outburst Use an English or Italian Car (preferably Lotus Cars) Wangan Out
291ZERO Appears when all the digits for the number of days are the same (Days 11,22,33, or 111,222,333...etc) Wangan Out
292White Dragon Revolution Use a Car that has the Engine Swapped (which means your total mileage for that particular Car is over 1242 miles) Wangan Out
293Late Night Salesman The total mileage of your car is between 1000 and 2000 km Wangan Out
294Oksaka Blond Use Station Wagon Cars (Subaru Cars are the best) Yokohane In
295Gentle Rain Use KPGC110 during Rainy Days (KPGC110 is the same as the old Nissan GT-R Car) Yokohane In
296Electric Shark Turn on the Emergency Lights (press R3) and drive like crazy by hitting the walls Yokohane In
297Exotic Butterfly Use a car with the "Wind Stars" Stickers Yokohane In
298Night RocketAppears when you have acquired a Special B.A.D. Name (One method is to use a Toyota Trueno, a.k.a. AE86 and use a "Rolling Guy" Sticker. This will change your Name to "xxx No.0") Yokohane Out
299Speed Box Appears after defeating the "Commander" team Yokohane Out
300I, Shiotani Appears after defeating the Normal Teams in both Nagoya and Hanshin areas (Not the "xxx ARRIVAL" Special Teams) Yokohane Out
S. Agata Cattle Appears after selling several cars Yokohane Out
302Ghost Soul Use License Plate from the City "Yokohama", which is R5-C2 for the Japanese City Yokohama CCL
303The Surf Goblin Use Cars with 4WD Transmission (ie Nissan GT-R R34 or Subaru GDB) Yokohama CCL
304Mr. N-zuka Use a Mazda FD (i.e. newer Mazda RX-7) with the "Infinity" Sticker Yokohama CCL
305NOB Use a Car with everything set to "Normal" (Including the entire engine, muffler, sticker, wheels, tires upgrades. Everything HAS to be set to "Normal" or it will never appear) Yokohama CCL
306Armadillo After defeating #307 Yokohama CWL
307Obi-Wan Kenori After defeating #308 Yokohama CWL
308 Yamacchi After defeating #309 Yokohama CWL
309Let's GO! The license Plate is "11-11" (remember to use the "License Plate Trick" detailed above.) (Note: #309,#308,#307 & #306 appear in this order and they come and battle you after you have defeated the previous one, so don't use the "BOOST" in the early stages and remember to use a powerful Car) Yokohama CWL

# Name Requirements Location
.Nagoya "Nagoya Wanderers" 14 Of Them
117Hyper Groove Appears on Tuesdays when you go on the Circular Section (Note: To go to that section easily, on the Nagoya Map, press "Down" once on your controller, and choose the only option to race in the Circular Section) Kanjou
118Snow Dancer Use a Car that has "Color Change" during rainy days (you can paint the whole car or just part of a car like a bonnet, but make sure you don't use a custom or special car because you can't modify the car or apply stickers to any custom or special cars) Kanjou
119Maniac Bun Bun Maru Use License Plates with the Japanese character "Ro" (The one on the left of "Y" at the bottom of the list, which is R6-C4 for the Japanese Character Table), and he'll appear every 10 days. Using the "Ro" character will make your License Plate glow "Fluorescent Green" Kanjou
120Midnight Black Sun Go into the Pit Area on the bottom right of Circular Section 5 times or more Kanjou
121White Leopard Use a 1980's Nissan Car (Older models of Z/Fairlady will be good choices) Kanjou
122Fascinating Magician Own 2 exact same cars (one can be just a base model with no modifications), and use one of them to battle Kanjou
123100,000 km Rotary Use any Car with a mileage below 2000 Miles Kanjou
124YV Gen-san Use the lightest Car on Fridays (Preferably the Cappuccino using the Level 5 "Weight Down" and NO "Reinforcement". This will keep the Cappuccino below 600 kg) Kanjou
125Phantom Spectacle Use a Nissan GT-R Car and drive close to the area on the leftmost of the map (Note: On Nagoya map, press "Up" on your controller 4 times to reach this area, but you'll just need to press "Up" 3 times to start from there and choose the only option, or you'll be travelling in the opposite direction) E Higashimeihan
126Kuso Chimpan Win 100 rivals in Nagoya Area E Higashimeihan
127Turbo Man Use a non-turbo car after defeating #126 E Higashimeihan
128West No. 5Appears every Monday after reaching a battling speed of 200 mph or above (this can be hard if you are in earlier stages of the game, but after a Level 7,8 or 9 "Engine Upgrade", this should'nt be a problem) E Higashimeihan
129Cram Instructor Use a FF Transmission Car and use Manual Transmission (A Mitsubishi FTO would be a good choice) E Higashimeihan
130Shocking White Dog After defeating other areas (i.e. after defeating Shutokou and Hanshin) E Higashimeihan

# Name Requirements Location
.Osaka "Hanshin Wanderers" 19 Of Them
142POU@MSR Will come in for a 2-on-1 battle with #143 after you have defeated #143 by at least half of the energy bar Kanjou Upper
143Mistral@MSR Appears on Weekends (i.e. Saturdays and Sundays) Kanjou Upper
144EIC@MSR Appears after defeating #142 and #143 Kanjou Lower
145Sport Newspaper Mania Appears when the last digit of the number of days is "9" Kanjou Lower
146Night KingStop by the rightmost of the Circular section of the map and honk (press L3). You have to come to a complete stop before you do so, and honk until #146 come to battle you. (Note: The rightmost of the Circular section is when you are on Hanshin map, press "Down" on your controller once, and choose the only option to start in the Circular Section) Kanjou Upper
147FD Tomo-sanGo into the Pit Area on the upper left of the Circular Section 5 to 10 times Kanjou Lower
148Beat Ignition Upgrade the Muffler to Level 3 or higher Kanjou Lower
149Jet-Black Hide/"Turn Off" the License Plate Kanjou Lower
150Wangan Runner Continue to have 1 to 3 battles only for several days around this Section and return to garage Wangan In
151Fire Legend Change to an L-type Engine (after you have accumulated over 2000 km for your car and change to an Inline Engine) Wangan In
152Orimabu After winning 3 Battles in a row around this Section Wangan In
153Stalker Hammer Battling in the Lower Wangan Section for 10 consecutive days, and WIN at least 1 rival for each day (You HAVE to ride in this section for 10 days in a row, and you can't lose a single battle within this 10 days or the rival won'nt come no matter how many days you've played) (IMPORTANT: This one causes the most confusion, so I'll explain a bit more: On Hanshin map, press "Up" on your Controller 3 times, choose the first option to select "Lower Wangan" section. You HAVE to be in that section for 10 consecutive days without going to other sections or maps. You also need to WIN at least 1 rival for each of the 10 consecutive days. If you lose once, the internal counter will reset and you'll have to start over again. Because you'll for sure encounter rainy/snowy/foggy days within these 10 days, a better method is for you to WIN one race for one day, return to garage, save your game progress, and go back again. Do it for 10 days in row and on the eleventh day #153 should appear. In this case you don't have to restart the whole sequence again in case you lose a battle during rainy/snowy/foggy days because you can always reload from that particular point.) Wangan Out
154Radiant Storm After defeating the Shutokou Area (All of Tokyo) Wangan Out
155YOO@TFB Go to "Options" and turn the Volumes to the MAX, and this Rival will appear after defeating #148 Wangan Out
156Magazine Z Buy ALL Nissan Z Cars, and use the Nissan Z33 (the new Z/Fairlady) to race Sakai In
157Whirlwind Fanfare Have over $100,000,000. Use a Cheat Device to get this much!!! ($999,999,990.00 by using a Cheater) Sakai In
158Mister Orange Road Use the License Plate from City "Kuma Hon" (License Plate City of R17-C3) with a not-too-high mileage reading (Don't go over the 1000 miles for the mileage) Sakai In
159The Pinball Appears after defeating Rivals #118 and #125 Sakai Out
160The Driver Tune your Car to the lowest "Ride Height" to -30 mm after defeating the Team "Low Position" Sakai Out