~F094/S Williams Polyphony 001 Formula 1 '94~

Win any Formula 1 Race Car and save the game, then use these codes to get this car, use only 1 color code at a time.
1Car Base Name 1C041350 2FCDB932
1C041354 73FBCB2F
2Color#1 2 Tone Blue & White 1C041358 1456F2E9
1C04135C 1456E7A5
3Color#2 Black, Yellow & White 1C041358 1456F2EB
1C04135C 1456E7A6
4Color#3 Dark Blue & White 1C041358 1456F240
1C04135C 1456E7A7
5Color#4 Black 1C041358 1456F239
1C04135C 1456E7A8
6Color#5 Red & White 1C041358 1456F2EA
1C04135C 1456E7A1
7Color#6 Green, Yellow & White 1C041358 1456F23B
1C04135C 1456E7A2
8Brakes 1C041368 DFB85435
1C04136C AF3F5C87
9Chassis 1C041378 DFB85595
1C04137C 6C3F5C87
10Engine 1C041380 DFB85496
1C041384 ED3F5C87
11Drivetrain/VCD 1C041388 DFB85BB6
1C04138C 323F5C87
12Transmission 1C041390 DFB85536
1C041394 7ABF5C87
13Suspension 1C041398 DFB859B1
1C04139C 72BF5C87
14Front Tires 1C0413A8 DFB85B76
1C0413AC B23F5C87
15Rear Tires 1C0413B0 DFB85AF1
1C0413B4 B23F5C87
16Body/Downforce 1C0413C8 DFB85B11
1C0413CC AEBF5C87
(16 Codes Total)