~Gran Turismo 3: A-SPEC~

(M)Must Be On (GameShark Version 1.3 or higher required) EC87829C 1437062C
110 Trillion Dollars 1C041124 1456DEAD
1C041120 D26487A5
299,999,999 Dollars 1C041124 1456E7A5
1C041120 17E9C70C
3500,000 Dollars 1C041124 1456E7A5
1C041120 145786C5
4Press & Hold L2+X to Jump Or Fly- SIMULATION MODE 0CB92B36 1456710C
3D6E6FDB 1456E765
5No Tire Wear SIMULATION MODE Series Races 1D6E6A88 5AC227A5
1D6E6D2C 5AC227A5
1D6E6DD0 5AC227A5
1D6E6C74 5AC227A5
6No Tire Wear SIMULATION MODE Single Races 1D6E5A42 1456AAA5
1D6E5AE6 1456AAA5
1D6E5D8A 1456AAA5
1D6E5C2E 1456AAA5
7Maximum Series Points SIMULATION MODE 0D6B32D8 1456E7A5
4D6B32D8 1456089C
8Only 1 Lap to Finish Race Single Races SIMULATION MODE 0D6E6FBC 1456E7A5
3D6E6FBC 1456E7A7
3D6B3C7D 1456E7A8
3D6DC0A4 1456E7A8
.These are Instant Win Codes for Series Races, for instance, the 5 Lap Code will start You on Lap 5 of 5..
93 Laps 3D6DB100 1456E7A8
3D6E5F78 1456E7A8
105 Laps 3D6DB100 1456E7A2
3D6E5F78 1456E7A2
1110 Laps 3D6DB100 1456E79F
3D6E5F78 1456E79F
12Instant Win Single Races SIMULATION MODE DON'T use with 1 Lap To Finish Race code 0D6E6FBC 1456E7A5
3D6E6FBC 1456E7A8
3D6B3C7D 1456E7A8
3D6DC0A4 1456E7A8
13Only 1 Lap to Finish Race ARCADE MODE DC878328 13DB9C91
0D6DA184 1456E7A7
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A6
0D6DA184 1456E7A8
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A7
0D6DA184 1456E7A1
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A8
0D6DA184 1456E7A2
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A1
14Instant Win Single Races ARCADE MODE DC878328 13DB9C91
0D6DA184 1456E7A7
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A7
0D6DA184 1456E7A8
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A8
0D6DA184 1456E7A1
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A1
0D6DA184 1456E7A2
3D6E4C9C 1456E7A2
15Simulation Day 9999 1C041110 1456089C
16Always Simulation Day 1, DON'T USE WITH Simulation Day 9999 Code 1C041110 1456E7A6
179999 Wins In Simulation Mode, check Game Status to view Wins/Races 1C04111C 1456089C
189999 Races In Simulation Mode, check Game Status to view Wins/Races 1C041114 1456089C
19Low License Times. Do all License Test with this code and you will win the Cars for each License! 0D6A785C 142617A5
1D6A785C 145617A5
20Low Arcade Times 0D6B1D68 1426B7A5
1D6B1D68 145617A5
21All Arcade Tracks 3C04104C 1456E7A2
.Turning on all of the License codes WILL NOT unlock vehicles. License Cars can be unlocked if all of the License codes are on and you're able to get a gold in any of the tests.
EXAMPLE: Activate all of the License B Gold codes and successfully complete License test B-1. If you complete test B-1 and receive a gold medal, you'll be awarded a bonus car.
22License B-1 Gold 1C020758 1456E7A5
23License B-2 Gold 1C0206AC 1456E7A5
24License B-3 Gold 1C020900 1456E7A5
25License B-4 Gold 1C020B54 1456E7A5
26License B-5 Gold 1C020AA8 1456E7A5
27License B-6 Gold 1C020DFC 1456E7A5
28License B-7 Gold 1C020F50 1456E7A5
29License B-8 Gold 1C020EA4 1456E7A5
30License A-1 Gold 1C0211F8 1456E7A5
31License A-2 Gold 1C02134C 1456E7A5
32License A-3 Gold 1C0212A0 1456E7A5
33License A-4 Gold 1C0215F4 1456E7A5
34License A-5 Gold 1C021748 1456E7A5
35License A-6 Gold 1C02169C 1456E7A5
36License A-7 Gold 1C0219F0 1456E7A5
37License A-8 Gold 1C021B44 1456E7A5
38License IB-1 Gold 1C021A98 1456E7A5
39License IB-2 Gold 1C021DEC 1456E7A5
40License IB-3 Gold 1C021F40 1456E7A5
41License IB-4 Gold 1C021E94 1456E7A5
42License IB-5 Gold 1C0221E8 1456E7A5
43License IB-6 Gold 1C02233C 1456E7A5
44License IB-7 Gold 1C022290 1456E7A5
45License IB-8 Gold 1C0225E4 1456E7A5
46License IA-1 Gold 1C022738 1456E7A5
47License IA-2 Gold 1C02268C 1456E7A5
48License IA-3 Gold 1C0229E0 1456E7A5
49License IA-4 Gold 1C022B34 1456E7A5
50License IA-5 Gold 1C022A88 1456E7A5
51License IA-6 Gold 1C022DDC 1456E7A5
52License IA-7 Gold 1C022F30 1456E7A5
53License IA-8 Gold 1C022E84 1456E7A5
54Super License 1 Gold 1C0231D8 1456E7A5
55Super License 2 Gold 1C02332C 1456E7A5
56Super License 3 Gold 1C023280 1456E7A5
57Super License 4 Gold 1C0235D4 1456E7A5
58Super License 5 Gold 1C023728 1456E7A5
59Super License 6 Gold 1C02367C 1456E7A5
60Super License 7 Gold 1C0239D0 1456E7A5
61Super License 8 Gold 1C023824 1456E7A5
62Rally License 1 Gold 1C023A78 1456E7A5
63Rally License 2 Gold 1C023DCC 1456E7A5
64Rally License 3 Gold 1C023C20 1456E7A5
65Rally License 4 Gold 1C023E74 1456E7A5
66Rally License 5 Gold 1C0241C8 1456E7A5
67Rally License 6 Gold 1C02401C 1456E7A5
68Rally License 7 Gold 1C024270 1456E7A5
69Rally License 8 Gold 1C0245C4 1456E7A5
70Sunday Cup 1C024BD4 1456E7A5
1C024BD8 1456E7A5
1C024BDC 1456E7A5
71Clubman Cup 1C024678 1456E7A5
1C02467C 1456E7A5
1C024680 1456E7A5
72FF Challenge 1C024950 1456E7A5
1C024954 1456E7A5
1C024958 1456E7A5
73FR Challenge 1C024974 1456E7A5
1C024978 1456E7A5
1C02497C 1456E7A5
74MR Challenge 1C024B28 1456E7A5
1C024B2C 1456E7A5
1C024B30 1456E7A5
754WD Challenge 1C0247B8 1456E7A5
1C0247BC 1456E7A5
1C0247C0 1456E7A5
76Sports Car Cup 1C024804 1456E7A5
1C024808 1456E7A5
1C02480C 1456E7A5
77Stars & Stripes 1C024BB4 1456E7A5
1C024BB8 1456E7A5
1C024BBC 1456E7A5
1C024BC0 1456E7A5
78Spider & Roadster 1C024B9C 1456E7A5
1C024BA0 1456E7A5
1C024BA4 1456E7A5
7980's Sports Car Cup 1C0247DC 1456E7A5
1C0247E0 1456E7A5
1C0247E4 1456E7A5
80Race of NA Sports 1C024B4C 1456E7A5
1C024B50 1456E7A5
1C024B54 1456E7A5
81Race of Turbo Sports 1C024B10 1456E7A5
1C024B14 1456E7A5
1C024B18 1456E7A5
82Audi TT Race 1C024BE0 1456E7A5
1C024BE4 1456E7A5
1C024BE8 1456E7A5
1C024BEC 1456E7A5
1C024BF0 1456E7A5
1C024BF4 1456E7A5
83Silver Arrow 1C024810 1456E7A5
1C024814 1456E7A5
1C024818 1456E7A5
84Altezza Race 1C0247F4 1456E7A5
1C0247F8 1456E7A5
1C0247FC 1456E7A5
1C024700 1456E7A5
1C024704 1456E7A5
1C024708 1456E7A5
85Vitz Race 1C024A94 1456E7A5
1C024A98 1456E7A5
1C024A9C 1456E7A5
1C024AA0 1456E7A5
1C024AA4 1456E7A5
1C024AA8 1456E7A5
86Type-R Meeting 1C024A4C 1456E7A5
1C024A50 1456E7A5
1C024A54 1456E7A5
1C024A58 1456E7A5
1C024A5C 1456E7A5
1C024A60 1456E7A5
87Evolution Meeting 1C02460C 1456E7A5
1C024610 1456E7A5
1C024614 1456E7A5
88Beetle Cup 1C024724 1456E7A5
1C024628 1456E7A5
1C02462C 1456E7A5
1C024630 1456E7A5
1C024634 1456E7A5
1C024638 1456E7A5
89GT World Championship 1C024908 1456E7A5
1C02490C 1456E7A5
1C024910 1456E7A5
1C024914 1456E7A5
1C024918 1456E7A5
1C02491C 1456E7A5
1C024920 1456E7A5
1C024924 1456E7A5
1C024828 1456E7A5
1C02482C 1456E7A5
1C024830 1456E7A5
90Japanese Championship 1C024894 1456E7A5
1C024898 1456E7A5
1C02489C 1456E7A5
1C0248A0 1456E7A5
1C0248A4 1456E7A5
1C0248A8 1456E7A5
91American Championship 1C024A7C 1456E7A5
1C024A80 1456E7A5
1C024A84 1456E7A5
1C024A88 1456E7A5
1C024A8C 1456E7A5
1C024A90 1456E7A5
92European Championship 1C0246F4 1456E7A5
1C0246F8 1456E7A5
1C0246FC 1456E7A5
1C024600 1456E7A5
1C024604 1456E7A5
1C024608 1456E7A5
93GT World Championship 1C024860 1456E7A5
1C024864 1456E7A5
1C024868 1456E7A5
1C02486C 1456E7A5
1C024870 1456E7A5
1C024874 1456E7A5
1C024878 1456E7A5
1C02487C 1456E7A5
1C024880 1456E7A5
1C024884 1456E7A5
1C024888 1456E7A5
94German Tour Championship 1C024684 1456E7A5
1C024688 1456E7A5
1C02468C 1456E7A5
1C024690 1456E7A5
1C024694 1456E7A5
1C024698 1456E7A5
95FF Challenge 1C024968 1456E7A5
1C02496C 1456E7A5
1C024970 1456E7A5
96FR Challenge 1C02498C 1456E7A5
1C024990 1456E7A5
1C024994 1456E7A5
97MR Challenge 1C024B40 1456E7A5
1C024B44 1456E7A5
1C024B48 1456E7A5
984WD Challenge 1C0247D0 1456E7A5
1C0247D4 1456E7A5
1C0247D8 1456E7A5
99Stars & Stripes 1C024BC4 1456E7A5
1C024BC8 1456E7A5
1C024BCC 1456E7A5
1C024BD0 1456E7A5
100Boxer Spirit 1C024648 1456E7A5
1C02464C 1456E7A5
1C024650 1456E7A5
10180's Sports Car Cup 1C0247E8 1456E7A5
1C0247EC 1456E7A5
1C0247F0 1456E7A5
102Race of NA Sports 1C024B64 1456E7A5
1C024B68 1456E7A5
1C024B6C 1456E7A5
103Race of Turbo Sports 1C024A28 1456E7A5
1C024A2C 1456E7A5
1C024A30 1456E7A5
104Gran Turismo All Stars 1C0249C4 1456E7A5
1C0249C8 1456E7A5
1C0249CC 1456E7A5
1C0249D0 1456E7A5
1C0249D4 1456E7A5
1C0249D8 1456E7A5
1C0249DC 1456E7A5
1C0249E0 1456E7A5
1C0249E4 1456E7A5
1C0249E8 1456E7A5
1C0249EC 1456E7A5
105All Japanese GT Championship 1C0248D8 1456E7A5
1C0248DC 1456E7A5
1C0248E0 1456E7A5
1C0248E4 1456E7A5
1C0248E8 1456E7A5
1C0248EC 1456E7A5
1C0248F0 1456E7A5
1C0248F4 1456E7A5
1C0248F8 1456E7A5
1C0248FC 1456E7A5
1C024800 1456E7A5
106Tourist Trophy 1C024BF8 1456E7A5
1C024BFC 1456E7A5
1C024B00 1456E7A5
1C024B04 1456E7A5
1C024B08 1456E7A5
1C024B0C 1456E7A5
107Race of Red Emblem 1C0249FC 1456E7A5
1C024900 1456E7A5
1C024904 1456E7A5
108Legend Of Silver Arrow 1C02481C 1456E7A5
1C024820 1456E7A5
1C024824 1456E7A5
109Altezza Championship 1C02470C 1456E7A5
1C024710 1456E7A5
1C024714 1456E7A5
1C024718 1456E7A5
1C02471C 1456E7A5
1C024720 1456E7A5
110Type-R Meeting 1C024A64 1456E7A5
1C024A68 1456E7A5
1C024A6C 1456E7A5
1C024A70 1456E7A5
1C024A74 1456E7A5
1C024A78 1456E7A5
111Evolution Meeting 1C024618 1456E7A5
1C02461C 1456E7A5
1C024620 1456E7A5
112Dream Car Championship 1C0246BC 1456E7A5
1C0246C0 1456E7A5
1C0246C4 1456E7A5
1C0246C8 1456E7A5
1C0246CC 1456E7A5
1C0246D0 1456E7A5
1C0246D4 1456E7A5
1C0246D8 1456E7A5
113British GT Car Cup 1C024654 1456E7A5
1C024658 1456E7A5
1C02465C 1456E7A5
114GT World Championship 1C024834 1456E7A5
1C024838 1456E7A5
1C02483C 1456E7A5
1C024840 1456E7A5
1C024844 1456E7A5
1C024848 1456E7A5
1C02484C 1456E7A5
1C024850 1456E7A5
1C024854 1456E7A5
1C024858 1456E7A5
1C02485C 1456E7A5
115FF Challenge 1C02495C 1456E7A5
1C024960 1456E7A5
1C024964 1456E7A5
116FR Challenge 1C024980 1456E7A5
1C024984 1456E7A5
1C024988 1456E7A5
117MR Challenge 1C024B34 1456E7A5
1C024B38 1456E7A5
1C024B3C 1456E7A5
1184WD Challenge 1C0247C4 1456E7A5
1C0247C8 1456E7A5
1C0247CC 1456E7A5
119Spider & Roadster 1C024BA8 1456E7A5
1C024BAC 1456E7A5
1C024BB0 1456E7A5
120Boxer Spirit 1C02463C 1456E7A5
1C024640 1456E7A5
1C024644 1456E7A5
121Race Of NA Sports 1C024B58 1456E7A5
1C024B5C 1456E7A5
1C024B60 1456E7A5
122Race Of Turbo Sports 1C024B1C 1456E7A5
1C024B20 1456E7A5
1C024B24 1456E7A5
123Gran Turismo All Stars 1C024998 1456E7A5
1C02499C 1456E7A5
1C0249A0 1456E7A5
1C0249A4 1456E7A5
1C0249A8 1456E7A5
1C0249AC 1456E7A5
1C0249B0 1456E7A5
1C0249B4 1456E7A5
1C0249B8 1456E7A5
1C0249BC 1456E7A5
1C0249C0 1456E7A5
124All Japan GT Championship 1C0248AC 1456E7A5
1C0248B0 1456E7A5
1C0248B4 1456E7A5
1C0248B8 1456E7A5
1C0248BC 1456E7A5
1C0248C0 1456E7A5
1C0248C4 1456E7A5
1C0248C8 1456E7A5
1C0248CC 1456E7A5
1C0248D0 1456E7A5
1C0248D4 1456E7A5
125Italian Avant Garde 1C02488C 1456E7A5
1C024890 1456E7A5
126Race Of Red Emblem 1C0249F0 1456E7A5
1C0249F4 1456E7A5
1C0249F8 1456E7A5
127Vitz Race 1C024AAC 1456E7A5
1C024AB0 1456E7A5
1C024AB4 1456E7A5
1C024AB8 1456E7A5
1C024ABC 1456E7A5
1C024AC0 1456E7A5
128Elise Trophy 1C0246DC 1456E7A5
1C0246E0 1456E7A5
1C0246E4 1456E7A5
1C0246E8 1456E7A5
1C0246EC 1456E7A5
1C0246F0 1456E7A5
129Clio Trophy 1C024660 1456E7A5
1C024664 1456E7A5
1C024668 1456E7A5
1C02466C 1456E7A5
1C024670 1456E7A5
1C024674 1456E7A5
130Tuscan Challnge 1C024A34 1456E7A5
1C024A38 1456E7A5
1C024A3C 1456E7A5
1C024A40 1456E7A5
1C024A44 1456E7A5
1C024A48 1456E7A5
131Dream Car Championship 1C02469C 1456E7A5
1C0246A0 1456E7A5
1C0246A4 1456E7A5
1C0246A8 1456E7A5
1C0246AC 1456E7A5
1C0246B0 1456E7A5
1C0246B4 1456E7A5
1C0246B8 1456E7A5
132Polyphony Digital Cup 1C024B70 1456E7A5
1C024B74 1456E7A5
1C024B78 1456E7A5
1C024B7C 1456E7A5
1C024B80 1456E7A5
1C024B84 1456E7A5
1C024B88 1456E7A5
1C024B8C 1456E7A5
1C024B90 1456E7A5
1C024B94 1456E7A5
1C024B98 1456E7A5
133Like The Wind 1C024AC4 1456E7A5
134Formula GT 1C024624 1456E7A5
1C024928 1456E7A5
1C02492C 1456E7A5
1C024930 1456E7A5
1C024934 1456E7A5
1C024938 1456E7A5
1C02493C 1456E7A5
1C024940 1456E7A5
1C024944 1456E7A5
1C024948 1456E7A5
1C02494C 1456E7A5
135Rally Challenge 1C024778 1456E7A5
1C02477C 1456E7A5
1C024780 1456E7A5
136Tahiti Maze 1C024784 1456E7A5
1C024788 1456E7A5
1C02478C 1456E7A5
137Smoky Mountain Rally 1C024760 1456E7A5
1C024764 1456E7A5
1C024768 1456E7A5
138Rally of Alps 1C02476C 1456E7A5
1C024770 1456E7A5
1C024774 1456E7A5
139Rally Challenge II 1C02473C 1456E7A5
1C024740 1456E7A5
1C024744 1456E7A5
140Tahiti Maze II 1C024748 1456E7A5
1C02474C 1456E7A5
1C024750 1456E7A5
141Smoky Mountain Rally II 1C024424 1456E7A5
1C024728 1456E7A5
1C02472C 1456E7A5
142Rally Alps II 1C024730 1456E7A5
1C024734 1456E7A5
1C024738 1456E7A5
143Super Special Route 5 (Wet) 1C024754 1456E7A5
1C024758 1456E7A5
1C02475C 1456E7A5
144Super Special Route 5 (Wet) II 1C024418 1456E7A5
1C02441C 1456E7A5
1C024420 1456E7A5
145Gold Grand Valley 1C024794 1456E7A5
146Gold Seattle 100 Miles 1C0247AC 1456E7A5
147Gold Laguna SCEA 200 Endurance 1C024798 1456E7A5
148Gold Passage to Colosseo 1C0247A4 1456E7A5
149Gold Trial Mountain Endurance 1C0247B4 1456E7A5
150Gold Special Stage Route 11 1C0247A8 1456E7A5
151Gold Roadster Endurance 1C0247A0 1456E7A5
152Gold Tokyo Route 246 1C024790 1456E7A5
153Gold Mistral 78 Laps 1C02479C 1456E7A5
154Gold Super Speedway 150 Miles 1C0247B0 1456E7A5
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