~Honda Civic SiR II VTi '93~

Buy or win a Honda Civic, Upgrade it completely and save the game, then use these codes to get this car, use only 1 color code at a time.
1Car Base Name 1C041350 70C9CD84
1C041354 759FA091
2Color#1 Frost White 1C041358 1456E4A3
1C04135C 1456E7A5
3Color#2 Vogue Silver Metallic 1C041358 1456E4B6
1C04135C 1456E7A6
4Color#3 Pewter Grey Metallic 1C041358 1456EB3A
1C04135C 1456E7A7
5Color#4 Flint Black Metallic 1C041358 1456E475
1C04135C 1456E7A8
6Color#5 Granada Black Pearl 1C041358 1456E4A4
1C04135C 1456E7A1
7Color#6 Carnival Yellow 1C041358 1456E4A9
1C04135C 1456E7A2
8Color#7 Tahitian Green Pearl 1C041358 1456EA70
1C04135C 1456E7A3
9Color#8 Lausanne Green Pearl 1C041358 1456E484
1C04135C 1456E7A4
10Color#9 Milano Red 1C041358 1456E499
1C04135C 1456E79D
11Color#10 Captivate Blue Pearl 1C041358 1456E4AA
1C04135C 1456E79E
12Brakes 1C041368 DABCFD90
1C04136C 77985EC2
13Chassis 1C041378 DABCFD8E
1C04137C B7A25EC2
14Engine 1C041380 DABCFD90
1C041384 BA145EC2
15Drivetrain/VCD 1C041388 DABCFD89
1C04138C 7A8E5EC2
16Transmission 1C041390 DABCFD8E
1C041394 799D5EC2
17Suspension 1C041398 DABCFD25
1C04139C 6F0D5EC2
1C0413A4 AE975EC2
19Front Tires 1C0413A8 DABCFD8A
1C0413AC F98E5EC2
20Rear Tires 1C0413B0 DABCFD25
1C0413B4 EF8E5EC2
21Body/Downforce 1C0413C8 DABCFD8B
1C0413CC AF955EC2
(21 Codes Total)