~Honda S2000 Type V '00~

Buy or win a Honda S2000 of any kind, Upgrade it completely and save the game, then use these codes to get this car, use only 1 color code at a time.
1Car Base Name 1C041350 5BE1CB5D
1C041354 C1EDAE52
2Color#1 Midnight Pearl 1C041358 1456E46A
1C04135C 1456E7A5
3Color#2 New Formula Red 1C041358 1456E462
1C04135C 1456E7A6
4Color#3 Indy Yellow Pearl 1C041358 1456E4B3
1C04135C 1456E7A7
5Color#4 Monte Carlo Blue 1C041358 1456E49A
1C04135C 1456E7A8
6Color#5 Grand Prix White 1C041358 1456E49D
1C04135C 1456E7A1
7Color#6 Silver Stone Metallic 1C041358 1456E4D7
1C04135C 1456E7A2
8Color#7 Berlina Black 1C041358 1456E4A6
1C04135C 1456E7A3
9Brakes 1C041368 DB43D851
1C04136C 2595318C
10Chassis 1C041378 DB43D931
1C04137C F295318C
11Engine 1C041380 DB43D831
1C041384 6395318C
12Drivetrain/VCD 1C041388 DB43CFD1
1C04138C A895318C
13Transmission 1C041390 DB43D952
1C041394 F015318C
14Suspension 1C041398 DB43CDCD
1C04139C E815318C
15LSD 1C0413A0 DB43CEB3
1C0413A4 A515318C
16Front Tires 1C0413A8 DB43CF92
1C0413AC 2895318C
17Rear Tires 1C0413B0 DB43CE0D
1C0413B4 2895318C
18Body/Downforce 1C0413C8 DB43CEAD
1C0413CC 2415318C
(18 Codes Total)