~Nissan C-West Razo Silvia Race Car JGTC '01 (J)~

Buy or win a Nissan Silvia of any kind, Upgrade it completely and save the game, then use these codes to get this car, use only 1 color code at a time.
1Car Base Name 1C041350 2687FBC5
1C041354 65039E63
2Color#1 Silver/Black & Blue Trim 1C041358 1456EB7F
1C04135C 1456E7A5
3Brakes 1C041368 4F4D183B
1C04136C BA916332
4Chassis 1C041378 4F4D191B
1C04137C 73916332
5Engine 1C041380 4F4D181C
1C041384 F8916332
6Drivetrain/VCD 1C041388 4F4D0FBC
1C04138C 39916332
7Transmission 1C041390 4F4D193C
1C041394 41116332
8Suspension 1C041398 4F4D0DD7
1C04139C 79116332
9LSD 1C0413A0 4F4D0EB6
1C0413A4 3A116332
10Front Tires 1C0413A8 4F4D0F7C
1C0413AC B9916332
11Rear Tires 1C0413B0 4F4D0E17
1C0413B4 B9916332
12Body/Downforce 1C0413C8 4F4D0EB7
1C0413CC B5116332
(12 Codes Total)