~Mom, Aunt Cheri and Me~

My dad's always out of town on business and whenever he's gone my Aunt Cheri usually comes over to spend a few days with Mom. Mom's five years older than Cheri, but whenever they get together it seems Mom does whatever Cheri asks of her. I never really thought much of it until I came home early from work one day while my dad was away on one of his usual business trips.

I'd moved home a few months back to save some money. You'd think living at home would put a crimp in my sex life, but at the time I didn't have a sex life so it was no big deal. The only thing I had to worry about was keeping my collection of fuck mags from folks' prying eyes. But since they pretty much stayed out of my room and left me to my own it wasn't a big deal.

Well, anyway, my sex life had been mostly confined to jerking off after I moved home. Until, that is, that fateful day that I happened to come home earlier than expected.

My bedroom's at the far end of the house but the back door's near my folks' room. I'm usually pretty quiet when I get home so it's no surprise that Aunt Cheri or Mom didn't hear me come in. But as I turned to head to my bedroom I heard Aunt Cheri and Mom in my folks' room.

"I'm so glad Dan's out of town, Sis," I heard Cheri say. "I haven't had my pussy shaved in ages!"

Well you can bet that as soon as I heard that my ears perked up. And my dick, too! As quietly as I could I made my way to the bedroom door and peeked inside. And there, much to my surprise and delight, Aunt Cheri was spread-eagled on the bed, completely naked. Cheri's hands were massaging her tits and squeezing her thick dark nipples while between her legs Mom was carefully shaving her younger sister's snatch bare!

Mom was wearing a halter top and a pair of short shorts that pulled up into the crack of her ass. From my vantage point I could tell that unlike Aunt Cheri, Mom had a major growth of bush between her legs. Without really thinking, my hands went down to my pants and in an instant I pulled my stiff rod from its confines and slowly began to stroke my cock.

It didn't take Mom long to shave Cheri's bush clean off. Then once she wiped and dried Cheri's pussy, Mom buried her face into her sister's crotch and began licking away! I could hardly believe it. Not only was Mom eating pussy, but it was her own sister's to boot! Well the surprise and shock were just too much and before I knew it I was spewing a load of my cum cream all over the door post and carpet.

Somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut as I blew my load so neither Mom or Aunt Cheri realized I was just a few feet away from them. But even as my cock quite spurting my seed, I was getting hot and horny all over again. My dick was stiff and throbbing and as the show looked like it was just beginning I decided to stick around for the rest of the action.

Well, Mom continued to munch on Cheri's muff, licking and chewing at her fat, naked labia and occasionally slipping her tongue down into the crack of Aunt Cheri's ass. I'd seen plenty of lezzie action in porno mags and movies, but seeing it first-hand was something else --- especially when the gals in action were my mother and her sister!

I slowly stroked and squeezed my cock, feeling it pulse in my hands as Mom did a number on Cheri's muff, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Finally, after her clit couldn't take any more of Mom's tongue-lapping, Cheri got up and disappeared to the side of the bedroom. At the same time, Mom moved up on the bed and got on her knees, her ass sticking up in the air and her chest flat on the bed.

From my vantage point I had a perfect view of Mom's crotch as her shorts rode up into her pussy crack and stretched tight around the firm globes of her ass. I could tell she was all excited because she'd creamed right through the crotch of her shorts and it was pretty obvious that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath.

Then a moment later Cheri moved back toward the bed. She was still naked but around her waist she was wearing a leather harness. And strapped to it was big fat dildo that must have been at least foot long. Without a word, Cheri reached to the crotch of Mom's shorts and yanked hard. The snap crotch gave way easily, exposing Mom's wet hairy cunt to the air.

While my cock throbbed and jerked in my hand, Aunt Cheri massaged and squeezed Mom's ass, then slipped a finger into the tangle of Mom's pussy hair before finding her hole and sinking her finger in to the hilt.

"Oh, Sis!" Mom cried out. "Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

"In good time," Cheri teased as she slipped a second and then a third finger into Mom's slick gash. Mom swayed and thrashed her hips as Cheri pumped her fingers in and out of Mom's dripping slit until they were slick with pussy juice.

"So you wanna get fucked, Sis?" Cheri asked. "You want this fat cock up your quim?"

"Oh, yes! Please fuck me!" Mom cried out. At that Cheri moved behind Mom, the head of her strap-on dildo hovering just above Mom's sopping box. Then Cheri grabbed the base of the dildo in one hand and rubbed the thick head up and down the slit of Mom's damp snatch.

The head of the dildo became slick and shiny with Mom's juices, splitting apart her lips to reveal her waiting pink slot. Then Aunt Cheri pushed forward and the dildo began to slide inside Mom until Cheri had the whole thing buried deep inside Mom's pussy.

"Oh, Cheri!" Mom whimpered, her rear jiggling as Cheri began to pump the dildo in and out of Mom's cunt. Cheri slowly slid the dildo in and out of Mom's slit, pulling back so only the head was inside. Then she'd slowly push forward, burying the entire length of the foot-long shaft into Mom's waiting muff.

By now my own cock was so hard it was beginning to hurt and I didn't think I'd be able to watch more of Mom and Cheri's antics before blowing another load of cum. While I fisted my cock and balls, Aunt Cheri's strokes became faster and faster as Mom writhed on the bed, taking Cheri's pounding like a real trooper.

Mom was moaning and groaning now as Cheri firmly grabbed Mom's hips and began pumping her with abandon. My own hand was a blur on my cock and I felt my balls swelling with cum. I tried to hold back, but I was too far gone. With a deep growl I thrust my hips forward and my cock fired a volley of thick hot cum into the air, splashing against the bedroom door and once more spilling on to the carpet.

With glazed eyes I watched Mom thrash on the bed as her pussy exploded in orgasm. Then, while my cock continued to spurt, Aunt Cheri turned around. Our eyes met and she smiled briefly at me before turning her attentions back to Mom's ass, pounding away before Mom finally collapsed on the bed. Then I quickly stuffed my cock back into my jeans and headed to my room, hoping that it was really only my imagination that Aunt Cheri had seen me standing at the door blowing a load of cum while she fucked Mom.

At dinner time, Cheri made no mention of the afternoon's events. In fact, she acted so perfectly blase that I figured it really was just my imagination that had gotten the better of me while I watched her putting it to Mom. After dinner Cheri said that she'd rented a movie and so the three of us crowded onto the sofa in the living room, Aunt Cheri and me on either side of Mom. By now I was pretty sure that Cheri didn't suspect me at all. At least until I saw the movie that Cheri had rented.

It was a porno film and it didn't waste any time getting into the action. As the title rolled the two girls were munching at each other's muffs while a really hung stud stood nearby stroking his cock.

"Cheri!" Mom blushed as she watched the girls go at it under the titles.

Cheri just laughed as she slipped a hand into Mom's blouse and began fondling her tits. "Oh, Cheri, not in front of Tim," Mom protested, futilely attempting to extricate Cheri's hands from her tits.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Sis," Cheri came back. "I don't think Timmy's seeing anything he hasn't before. Isn't that right, Tim?"

Cheri may have been right but I was in too much shock to make any reply. My eyes switched back and forth between Mom and Cheri and the threeway going on the screen.

"Isn't what right?" Mom asked Cheri, still unable to get her sister's hands off her tits.

"Well," Cheri said matter-of-factly. "It seems we had an audience during our little encounter this afternoon."

"What?" Mom cried out, her face turning crimson with embarrassment.

"Tim came home early today and saw me fucking you with your favorite dildo. And you know what else, Sis?" Cheri paused for dramatic effect. "I saw him jerk off and shoot a load of cum all over the bedroom door."

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed but I was also getting incredibly turned on. My cock was pulsing in my pants and I nearly busted my zipper when Cheri popped the buttons on Mom's blouse. As Cheri tugged on Mom's blouse, her perfectly proportioned tits with wonderfully pointed dark nipples spilled free.

"Look at these tits, Tim," Cheri commanded as she grabbed one in each hand, massaging and kneading them until the nipples were hard and stiff. "I'll bet you'd like to suck on these, wouldn't you?"

An affirmative nod was all I could muster as Mom's head rolled back and she closed her eyes with a sigh. All the wile, Cheri continued to fondle and play with Mom's succulent breasts. Then Cheri glanced to the tube. "I'll bet you'd like to do that too, huh, Tim?"

I pulled my eyes from Mom's tits just in time to see the stud on the screen stroke his cock and shoot bullets of jizz all over the girls' faces. "Yeah," I croaked, returning my gaze to Mom lush tits.

"Go ahead," Cheri urged me on. "Suck your mom's titties." In a flash I had one of Mom's nipples in my mouth and began to chew and suck on it. Then Cheri pulled her hands free from Mom's mams and I replaced them with my own, fondling Mom as I lapped her nipples with my rough tongue.

Mom's nipples quickly grew stiff and I sucked and chewed them with abandon while my hands played all over her chest. It wasn't long before her stiff buds were shiny with my spit, the dark areolae standing out against the creamy white flesh of her breasts.

"Oh Timmy," Mom cried, her hands grabbing my head as my tongue trailed from her nipples down to her cleavage. "Your tongue is so sweet."

"I'll bet it is, Sis," Aunt Cheri cracked as she watched me caress Mom's tits with my tongue and lips. "But I'll bet his cock is even sweeter!" The next thing I knew, Cheri was on the floor between my legs with her hands all over my crotch. "Well, Timmy," she smiled up at me. "Let's see what a real man's made of."

Sucking on Mom's tits had gotten me pretty hard and my zipper was straining for some relief when Aunt Cheri slowly pulled it down and reached her hands inside. Since I wasn't wearing any shorts it only took her an instant to fish out my turgid organ.

For a moment Cheri just watched it pulse between my legs while my attention was still devoted to devouring Mom's succulent nipples. Then Cheri reached a hand out, gripping my shaft so that only the head was exposed. She squeezed my shaft hard and I let out a moan of pleasure, Mom's spit-soaked nipple sliding from my mouth.

I leaned back on the sofa, thrusting my hips forward as Aunt Cheri squeezed my cock-head, my piss-slit flaring and bubbling up thick drops of pre-cum. She gently massaged it into my swollen glans as her hand began to slowly stroke up and down my throbbing shaft.

"I think he likes it, Sis," Cheri laughed as she picked up the pace of her stroking. I jerked my hips in time with Cheri's pumping as her other hand trailed up my thigh, eventually making its way to my tight ball sack.

"Oh, Aunt Cheri!" I cried out as she began to fondle my nuts, still stroking my shaft with a practiced ease. "You're gonna make me cum!"

"Fine with me, Timmy," she shot back then turned to Mom. "How about you, Sis? Want to see how big a load we can make Timmy squirt?"

"Oh yes, Cheri," Mom moaned, her eyes glued to my throbbing shaft. "Make him cum! Make him shoot his load!"

With Mom urging her on, Cheri's hand quickly became a blur and before I knew it my balls tightened up as a load of cum rushed up my shaft. With a grunt my hips jerked forward and my body stiffened.

Cheri squeezed hard on my shaft as my cock exploded. I heard Mom gasp with surprise and delight as a stream of jizz erupted from my cock and shot high into the air before splashing down all over me. Aunt Cheri continued to pound my pud, milking my cock until her hand was coated in my creamy seed.

Then much to my surprise, Cheri reached her hand out and Mom grabbed it, eagerly licking my cum off her sister's hand. Then Mom licked her lips clean and smiled a very satisfied smile.

"How's it taste?" Cheri asked.

"Great!" Mom replied. "Good enough for a second helping. But right now I'm so horny and I really need to get fucked, Sis."

"Well," Cheri said, eyeing my semi-turgid cock. "Maybe Timmy can help us out." Cheri was on her feet and with her hand around my cock, she pulled me off the sofa. We headed into the bedroom with Mom hot on our heels.

Once in the bedroom Cheri and Mom made quick work of my clothes --- and theirs --- and the three of us were buck naked. Then Mom and Cheri were down on their knees, their moist tongues darting out of pouty mouths to swab the purple head of my shaft. My prick quickly stiffened as Mom and Cheri paid special attention to my sensitive glans and flaring piss-slit.

I stared down, a broad smile on my face as Mom glanced up at me, her tongue lapping at my dick, occasionally taking a break to make a brief foray into Aunt Cheri's mouth. I could hardly believe how lucky I was. Not only did I have a great-looking mother, but she gave great head too --- and she loved every minute of it!

After teasing my head for a while, Mom pulled her mouth free from my stiff rod. At the same time, Cheri began to lap her tongue up and down the length of my pulsing shaft. Mom crawled onto the bed and, lying on her back, pulled her knees up to her chest, giving me a bird's eye view of her hairy pink slit and puckered asshole.

Without a word, Cheri rose to her feet and grabbed my cock, guiding it towards Mom's moist, blonde cleft. Holding my cock firmly at the base, Cheri gave it a good squeeze, causing the head to swell and pre-cum to bubble at the tip. Then she slid it over Mom's bush and down into her pussy crack, spreading Mom's engorged labia to reveal her moist cunt hole.

"Fuck me," Mom groaned, pulling her legs back to her chest and arching her hips forward as Cheri teased her with my stiff prick. After a few more moments of teasing, my cock was so hard it began to hurt. I couldn't wait to get it inside Mom's enticing pussy and get some relief.

Cheri must have sense my mounting desire as she finally guided my cock toward Mom's waiting hole. I was so excited I wanted to bury my cock in one thrust but Cheri held me back, my prick slowly sinking into the velvety warm shaft of Mom's box.

"Oh Mom," I cried as her hot muff took my pulsing penis to the hilt. "It's so tight," I moaned as Mom flexed her muscles and squeezed her pussy around my cock. I leaned over her, our eyes meeting as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me close.

I began to slowly pump my hips and Aunt Cheri pulled her hand free from my cock and slid it around to the tight cheeks of my ass. I ground my cock into Mom's pussy, her hips bucking up every time I thrust forward. At the same time Aunt Cheri began to squeeze and fondle my ass, occasionally slipping a hand down between my legs to stroke my bloated balls.

As the pace of my pumping quickened, Mom reached her head up, parting her lips and sticking out her tongue. I quickly grabbed it in my mouth, jamming my own tongue deep down Mom's throat as our lips mashed together. As our tongues danced in each other's mouths, Mom's thrusting and my pumping began to grow more frantic. I knew it would be only a matter of moments before Mom's stiff clit exploded in orgasmic pleasure. Then Mom pulled her lips from mine, burying her face in my shoulder as her arms and legs pulled me tight.

"I'm coming, Timmy," she whimpered seductively, her body stiffening beneath me. I felt her shudder as her cunt muscles contracted around my throbbing cock. "Come for me, baby," she continued to cry out, the obviously intense pleasure of her orgasm continuing to wash over her. "Shoot me with your jizz, Timmy! Fill me up with your come!"

More encouragement than that I didn't need, but I got it anyway. I was already on the verge of blowing my load deep in Mom's pussy when I felt one of Aunt Cheri's fingers slide down the crack of my ass and come to rest on my asshole. As Mom thrashed beneath me in the throes of orgasm, Cheri shoved her finger deep into my ass.

I let out a wild howl and thrust my cock as far into Mom's cunt as far as it would go. Immediately Mom's pussy grabbed tightly around my cock. My balls swelled and pumped my jizz-loaded nuts, spewing a scalding load of my nut cream deep into Mom's belly. I grunted and groaned, pounding my love stick in and out of her slit, splashing her cunt with gobs of sticky cum.

After my balls were completely drained of cum, my cock finally began to go soft and slipped out of Mom's dripping gash. At the same time Cheri pulled her finger from my ass and with a grunt I shot one last bolt of cum from my dick, splashing Mom's thatch of muff fur. Aunt Cheri quickly pulled me aside and the next thing I knew she had her face buried in Mom's snatch, lapping up my jizz from between Mom's legs.

While Cheri lapped at Mom's thoroughly fucked pussy, my eyes were drawn to my aunt's wiggling ass which she thrust high into the air. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I moved behind Cheri and grabbed her smooth ass cheeks, spreading them wide and stabbing the pucker of her asshole with my tongue.

As she devoured Mom's pussy, I snaked my tongue down the crack of Cheri's ass, over the puffy lips of her bald beaver, finally coming to rest on the stiff button of her clit. It didn't take long for my face to get covered in her pussy juices and soon both she and Mom were thrashing on the bed, overcome by their frenzied climaxes.

Well I spent the rest of the week fucking and sucking Mom and Aunt Cheri. It was the best pussy I ever had. And to top things off, Cheri even made Mom shave my cock and balls smooth! Now whenever Dad goes out of town, Mom, Aunt Cheri and I have a regular threeway --- truly a family affair!