~The Home of My 8th Great Grandfather~
~Sir William Compton, of England~

 When is a Castle not a Castle?

 Bruce Castle Museum is housed in a Grade 1 listed building - The only one in Haringey. In case you were wondering where the turrets and battlements have gone, the building is not technically a Castle but a Manor House, built by Sir William Compton, one of Henry VIII's courtiers, in 1514.

 The Tudor origins of the Castle are difficult to spot from the outside, as subsequent owners modified the building to their own tastes during the 17th and 18th centuries. The cellars however, are authentically Tudor.

 One of the most famous occupants of the Castle was Sir Rowland Hill, the Inventor of the Penny Post, who lived there during the 1860s. The Castle is one of the very few Tudor buildings left in London (its rural setting meant that it was well out of the reach of the Great Fire, which destroyed the vast majority of Tudor London in 1666).

 The Castle's name comes from the Famous Scottish Freedom Fighter and Ally of William 'Braveheart' Wallace, Robert the Bruce. During medieval times the Bruce family owned the land on which the Castle was built.


~My Family Coat Of Arms~

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