~Car Magazines~

1Modified Mag: Rank 10th in Circuit
2Sport Compact Car: Rank 9th in Sprint
3Chrom & Flammen: Rank 10th in Drift
4Turbo and High-Tech Performance: Rank 7th in Drag
5Import Tuner: Rank 8th in Drift
6Import Racer: Rank 8th in Circuit
7Super Street: Rank 6th in Circuit
8Sport Compact Car: Rank 6th in Sprint
9Import Tuner: Rank 4th in Drift
10Hot4s: Win all Tournaments
11Stuff: Win Overall Title
12Autopress: Installed All Level 1 Performance Upgrades
13Super Street: Installed All Level 2 Performance Upgrades
14Maxi Tuning: Installed All Level 3 Performance Upgrades
15Option Auto: Built A Car With A 1 Star Reputation
16Elaborare: Installed All Level 1 Visual Upgrades
17Maxi Tuning: Installed All Level 2 Visual Upgrades
18Hot4s: Installed All Level 3 Visual Upgrades
19DUB: Installed all Level 3 and Unique Visual Upgrades on your Car. (Note: Install All 4 Unique Visual Upgrades and 9 other Level 3 Visual Upgrades).
20Turbo and High-Tech Performance: Beat the Preset Best Time in any Drag Race on Hard Mode
21Import Racer: Beat the Preset Best Time in any Circuit Race on Hard Mode
22Import Tuner: Beat the Preset Best Score in any Drift Race on Hard Mode
23Sport Compact Car: Beat the Preset Best Time in any Sprint Race on Hard Mode
24Import Tuner: Earn 500 Online Reputation Points
25Hot4s: Earn 1000 Online Reputation Points
26Elaborare: Earn 2500 Online Reputation Points
27Import Tuner: Earn 5000 Online Reputation Points
28Turbo and High-Tech Proformance: Featured on August Cover for beating Racer-X...
Access this hidden Magazine Cover by first selecting a Cover from the top right column, then scrolling all the way down (hold +D) until you reach the bottom. It will highlight a blank space, but if you look at the description it will say 'Featured on August Cover for beating Racer-X'. This is for PS2 Version only. Still don't know how to Win this one yet.

NOTE: Getting the elusive Magazine Cover 22, To unlock Cover 22, do the following: As soon as you complete a Drift Race in Underground mode (Hard Difficulty Setting), the Race Results Menu will be shown. Skip past these few screens until the option of Restarting the Race, Statistics, and Collect Reward/Continue screen appears. Select Statistics and your Race Stats will be shown (plus All Lap Scores, Best Drift Score and Longest Drift). Your All Lap Scores will determine whether you successfully unlock Magazine Cover 22. To earn that Cover, you need to beat the Best Score for that particular Drift Track in One Single Lap. If you managed to do that, the special Import Tuner cover is yours.

Please refer to the Best Times/Scores listed Here for a list of each track's records. To summarize, in order to unlock Magazine Cover 22 you need to beat the Best Score for that particular Track in One Lap. For example, in Challenge 108 (Drift Champ) you're required to race on Drift Track 8, which has the Best Score of 169177 for One Lap. (Damn)...