#Guide Description
1Codes for GameShark Version 2.1 & 2.2
2Codes for GameShark Version 2.3
3Codes for GameShark Version 2.3 Hacked by "Raiden88"
4Codes for GameShark Media Player Version
5Links To Magazine Websites From Need For Speed: Underground
6List of Best Times & Scores For Underground Mode
7List of Cars For Underground & Quick Race Modes
8List Of Known Game Cheats & Glitches
9List of Magazine Covers & How To Get Them
10List of Magazine Cover Images For PC
11List of Magazine Cover Images For PS2
12List of Paints, Decals & Vinyls Upgrades
13List of Performance Upgrades
14List of Race Victories Rewards
15List of Style Points Rewards
16List of Visual Parts Upgrades
17List of Underground Racing Venues & Rewards
18My Favorite Cars of Need For Speed: Underground